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We are a young, ambitious and trusted global technology service company that designs, builds and implements cutting edge engineering solutions, helping companies and enterprise clients untangle complex issues that always emerge during their digital evolution journey. Since 2017 we have been a visionary and a reliable software engineering partner for local and global brands.

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We are always updated. Not sure? Challenge us..
Top quality is assured with our well defined process.
We don’t just make what you want. We make it better!
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Software needs vary significantly. To cover the full spectrum of
possibilities, we break our approach into these four distinct models.
Each is customizable to fit your specific needs with an almost
acrobatic-level of flexibility.
Business Analysis programming testing Implementation
our process
AkvaSoft is a team of continuously evolving technophiles that transform business ideas into valuable high-tech products.
Our iterative process enables us to quickly adapt to new opportunities while building upon a solid foundation.
Dedicated Teams
Akvasoft employs engineers full time to fully realize the vision of our clients and take pride in their work.
User-Centered Design
We incorporate feedback and analytics to create functional, beautiful, and accessible interfaces.
Rapid Delivery
The only reliable way to ensure you’re building the right software is to get feedback from real users. That’s why we ship early and often.
Disciplined Process
Our engineers follow a process which ensures a predictable pace of delivery and high level of quality that can be maintained indefinitely.
Radical Transparency
We break down all the barriers commonly found in traditional “client-vendor” relationships to form a unified team with our clients by providing unmatched levels of visibility, communication, and trust.
We work alongside our clients’ employees as one team with shared goals. When clients hire Akvasoft, they leverage the experience of our entire team.
We rely on our ability to consistently deliver high-quality software, rather than locked-in contracts, to cement enduring relationships with our clients.
Why choose us
We design and develop serious software for ambitious clients. You should choose us because we are,

Good engineering and design demands thoughtful tradeoffs. We pride ourselves in being able to articulate the pros and cons of tough decisions, and make smart recommendations in the best interests of our clients. We know that the Perfect is often the enemy of the Good. There are always several viable options when building software, and someone who tells you otherwise is simply selling you the solution that they want to build (or the only one they know).


We’re glad that software engineering and design isn’t merely about pretty pictures and algorithms on a whiteboard. The products we build run real businesses and serve real users. We like it that way, because, while we can be pretty geeky, we actually like people, so we want to build useful software that makes them happy. Just as we write code for developers to read, we build software for users to experience, because, in the end, it’s not about computers—it’s about people.


While we would be building software even if it weren’t our job, it is our job, and we take it very seriously. We have a duty to build the best software we can for our clients and their users. At the same time, professional integrity requires that we acknowledge that the software we write can always be better. We’re not afraid to face software defects and challenges head-on and buckle down to solve the tough problems.


Even though great code and elegant design have a certain beauty, we know the difference between art and engineering. Good engineering and design has to be repeatable, and that means following a defined and disciplined process. Building software is hard, because it’s at the interface between human designers, engineers and sophisticated technology, and we’re continually working to make that process better. While process is an important enabler of our goals, it’s never the goal in itself.


We build software because we love it. Doing what you love for a living is wonderful, and we don’t take it for granted. Being passionate about what we do means we put our heart into it. We come with some strong opinions, but being professional and practical means that our passion motivates us. It never distracts from what we want most: a successful outcome.

Customers about us


We help enterprise clients, funded startups,

and Fortune 500 companies develop impactful software solutions.

Mr Chathuranga Andradi
Berkley Capital

Akvasoft is driven by a passion to create and deliver on new ideas and that is reflected in their work. It is a team that strives for excellence and is open to experimenting and creating new trends in the business. Our work relationship has been productive and we have collectively been able to achieve great results. I wish Team Akvasoft more triumphs in future.

Babacar Ndiaye
Emily William

I had the pleasure of working with Akvasoft for a year collaborating on several projects. Good team to work..

Our Core Minds
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Sahan Bodaragama
Chief Executive Officer
Eminda Ishan
Chief Technology Officer
Eranga Dulshan
Chief Operating Officer